Thursday, 23 July 2015

Chaos Space Marines: Plague Marine Squad

Hoo-flipping-ray! I finally managed to finish off my entire squad of Plague Marines! They were certainly easy enough to paint, but by the end of it they felt a bit of a chore.

This first chap - the Champion - was painted waaaaaaay back in September 2014. For some reason - probably looking at the dodgy putting together of some of the models by the eBay seller I bought them off - I felt disinclined to pick them up for another 10 months. Yowsers!

So here they are, in all of their "glory". Most of these chaps have already featured within these pages, but I have included them for the sake of completeness. I shall let the grainy photographs speak for themselves.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Chaos Space Marines: Plague Marines #4 & #5

Slowly, but surely, I am heading towards the conclusion of my squad of Plague Marines. And what started out as being a surprisingly fun exercise is now starting to grind me down a bit.

It's possibly because I painted the interesting-looking Marines first, and left the more mundane ones until the end. Or maybe I'm just going green-blind. Too. Much. Green.

Whilst it's still quite satisfying to notch another mark on the plague bedhead, I'm starting to get a bit bored of these chaps. Not long to go though, and soon I shall be working on some Blood Angels, which represent something of a polar opposite to the slapdash painting required of Nurgleybods.

Here is the goofiest Plague Marine I've painted thus far. I accept no responsibilty for how ridiculous he looks, as I bought these guys off eBay. Let's overlook his shoulders being level with his nipples, as one of my friends kindly pointed out...

...or his horribly static posture... or the fact that his turning head makes him look as though he's having second thoughts about his terrible heresy...'s his spoony head that is THE WORST.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Chaos Space Marines: Plague Marine #3

And thus, the slow, inexorable march of the Plague Marines continues, with this: my third (although, actually fourth) Plague Marine. This time, I've got a rootin'-tootin' Plasma-totin' guy.

For my Chaos forces, I decided that Plasma weapons should be lit with reds and oranges, rather than blues. Not only is this to distinguish them from their Imperial counterparts, but it also reflects the corrupting influence of the Ruinous Powers. It's also a small nod to the differing lightsabre colours in Star Wars.

Three down, three to go. Plus the Champion I had already painted, and we're ready to roll!

Friday, 3 July 2015

Chaos Space Marines: Plague Marine #2

Another day, another Plague Marine! For a unit that has provided me with so much hobby inertia for well over a year now, I am having a lot of fun painting them.

That might have quite a bit to do with my new-found love for the Citadel Technical Paints (yes, I know I keep going on about them!) I really can't praise them enough when using them for Nurgle Marines.

This chap has a Melta Gun, which will dovetail nicely with the Plasma Gun that the next chap will be toting. That way, I have a decent tank-busting unit which, when I stick them in a Rhino, will be able to offer a mobile threat to my enemies.

Here he is with his buddy from the other day - my collection of Plague Marines slowly grows...

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Chaos Space Marines: Plague Marine

This week has been all about my Nurgle forces, which seems strangely inappropriate, given the lovely sunny weather we have been having. As a true disciple of Chaos, I opted to spend two hours out of the balmy sunshine, and instead I painted up one of my Plague Marines.

Really, I'm going to be whizzing through this unit. Not only do Plague Marines cope well with a rough-and-ready, slapdash paintjob, but I am also just generally not keen on this unit for some reason. I really don't know why...

Perhaps it is the fact that, whilst sat in my TO DO box, several of the Finecast models snapped, and I had to patch them up with regular Chaos Space Marine pieces. Maybe I object to Finecast models on general principle.