Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Chaos Space Marines: Raptor #2

So, after the drawn-out process that was painting my Heldrake, I'm back on the infantry for my Watchers Of Ophios, and in particular, I have gone back to painting my Raptors. Here is my latest effort.

I've tried to use Screamer Pink once again as a spot colour on the 'tubing', in an attempt to tie it in with the other units (I've particularly used the pink with Jokaero Orange highlighting on my recent Hellbrute and Heldrake).

The paintjob is pretty straightforward - there's not much to it in the way of craft or guile - but I think it's reasonably striking and effective. Go Team Tzeentch!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Chaos Space Marines: Heldrake

Back to my primary project now, and The Watchers Of Ophios - my Tzeentchian Chaos Space Marine warband. I have been working on this Heldrake for quite some time now - in the background whilst I have been doing other things such as the Hellbrute and other infantry for the same group.

I used the same colour scheme - Kabalite Green, drybrushed with Hawk Turquoise, then with a Guilliman Glaze over the top, with Bright Brass (Vallejo) trim - as I have with the rest of my warband, and they tie together well, I think. I've used Screamer Pink as a spot colour for a bit of cohesion.

The Heldrake is one of the least-rewarding models to paint, because everything has to be done in sub-assemblies in order to do it justice. As a result, I was only able to see the fruits of my labours right at the very end. With other models, you can use them whilst you work on them... Not so with the Heldrake, unfortunately.

Here he is, sat alongside examples of the pther forces in my warband, to give an idea of how they all tie together, visually.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Grey Knights: Army In Progress

As a counterpoint to my Daemon army, here's my progress so far on my small Grey Knights and Inquisition force. It really is a small force, with the Grey Knights only offering a single squad of Terminators, a Librarian and a Dreadknight, but I have plans. A Strike Squad, two Purgation Squads, a Land Raider Crusader and a couple of Rhinos or Razorbacks will join these chaps in battle...

My nascent Grey Knights force in all their pomp.
Librarian Ignotus Ayesteran of the Order of the Golden Shield.

Justicar Xavier Otxoa leads the Terminator squad into battle

Brother Ziortza with a relic banner of the Order

Brother Ezkibel offers some supporting fire to the brotherhood

Inquisitor Mikhail Kharkiv and his motley retinue lead the way

They're an odd bunch, really...

Monday, 2 February 2015

Chaos Daemons: Army In Progress

Some of my friends wondered how my Daemons army was progressing, and whether I could post some pictures on the shared (private) blog that we jointly contribute to, so i took some photos. Turns out I have more Daemons than I first thought. Who knew?

Whilst a little Nurgle-heavy, my army is one of Chaos Undivided, drawing in warriors from all four of the Ruinous Powers, from Daemonettes to Screamers, Bloodletters and Nurglings.

Here's my freaky Fanged-Vagina-Faced Herald of Slaanesh, cobbled together out of Kromlech/Maxmini bits and the Tzeentch Sorceror kit.

My Herald Of Nurgle - basically just the WHFB Nurgle Lord sat atop a 40mm base, so he can tower over his fellow followers of the Plaguefather.

My Soul Grinder and Plaguebearers, shambling along as usual, and providing a backdrop of bilious green and faeces brown to my army.

My Herald of Khorne - once again pilfered from WHFB. I just feel that Heralds should stand out from the crowd, rather than being a slightly larger Bloodletter/Plaguebearer/Daemonette/Horror.

Speaking of which, here is my Tzeentchian contingent, featuring not one, but two heralds, and a Burning Chariot to give them a bit of firepower.

So there you go...