Friday, 29 January 2016

Blood Angels: Tactical Marines #2

Here are some more Blood Angels Tactical Marines for you, pilfered from the Betrayal At Calth box. As with their predecessors, these chaps are well-weathered and battle-damaged.

The glazed blood drop is the recurring motif for my army, and will be the motif of my Successor Chapter, the Scions Of Sanguinius.

For the Plasma Gun, I used a different technique to usual, and used layers of grey with a Biel-Tan Green wash over them for the power coil. it works pretty well, I think, and complements the lenses on the helmet.

Ditto below with the blood drop motif...

I have taken the time whilst doing up my Tactical Squad to revisit my kitbashed Captain that I did a while ago. I repainted his angel wings black, and made the gold colours bolder and less brassy. Once again, I think it works pretty well, and it ties him in with the grunts.

Previously, the blood drops were purple, as well, so revisiting him allowed me to bring that in line with everything else, as well.