Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Blood Angels: Rhino/Razorback & Squad

Hurray! I have not only finished my 5-man Tactical Squad, but I have also built and painted their lovely car Dedicated Transport - a Razorback! This one has been kitted out with a twin-linked Lascannon for a bit of extra 'oomph'.

I have tried to use the correct markings where possible, showing company designation and vehicle numbering.

I opted for blue for the lenses on the Lascannon turret as a contrasting spot colour. I think it stands out quite well.

Whilst the basis for the Chapter iconography is the traditional black winged blood drop, I have added a little splash of colour to the drop itself to tie it in with the detailing on the Marines.

Etc etc.

For a bit of added flexibility, I built the Razorback so that it could be retro-fitted to turn it into a Rhino. Whilst a Razorback is currently ideal, my ultimate aim is to build (if not run) ten-man squads, so they need some bigger wheels.

Here they all are, showing off their new ride.

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