Friday, 25 September 2015

Space Wolves: Blood Claws Pt.1

These guys are being bashed out pretty quickly, as I have an impending battle next week, and I need a small squad of them ready and raring for action. As such, they are a bit rough around the edges.

This particular pack will all have red 'paint' (or blood, read into it what you will) daubed across their eyes, as a mark of brotherhood, and in an attempt to ward off maleficarum.

These three all have the same hair colour, but I shall intersperse the rest of the squad with different colours for variety. It just made batch-painting them somewhat quicker.

By my relatively slow standards, I am whizzing through these Space Wolves, and they have come as a welcome change from the Blood Angels with whom I spent ages adhering to the GW-prescribed method.

This was a Blood Claw model I fashioned whilst the old 5th Edition Codex was still lurking around. Of course, they've jibbed off the Mark Of The Wulfen rule, so now he just looks rather out of place...

His head was part of a set from MaxMini - I'm still not entirely sure whether or not they have crossed the goof rubicon, but I kinda like them.

Three down, three to go...