Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Space Wolves: Grey Hunter #3

HURRAY! I got around to finishing the third of my Grunters (Grey Hunters)! This guy did not take an awful lot of time in and of himself, but it took a fair old while to do his banner. Said banner should provide a bit of interest to the squad, methinks.

Another grizzled veteran, obvs, this chap was nice and straightforward to paint, insomuch as he had an open stance, which allowed me to get to all the detail on his chestplate.

I'm enjoying painting aged faces at the moment. My Blood Claws will, naturally, be a lot more youthful and less white around the ears.

And so, onto the banner! The banner itself came from the Command Squad kit, and I painted it black before applying a black to grey gradient to the background with a bit of blending, and then a coat of gloss varnish. I then used an Imperial Fists transfer for the central moon motif, and a couple of numerals from the Space Marine transfer sheet to signify these guys being part of the 'Twa' of Hrothgar's Great Company - part of Bjorn Daemonsbane's 'Rout'. I then painted the moon over the Imperial Fist icon, and applied another coat of gloss varnish, before applying the wolves to each side of the moon. And then I painted the rest of it! AND BREATHE! I think it was worth the effort, mind...