Thursday, 3 September 2015

Blood Angels: Sanguinary Priest

Rounding off my month of Blood Angels (even though it snuck into September), here's my Sanguinary Priest. This guy was a bit of a radical departure for me, insofar as I followed (most of) the Citadel Painting Guide in the Sons Of Sanguinius book, rather than just drawing inspiration or taking onboard advice or tips.

Obviously, I did a headswap, which made some things a little different, but otherwise I tried to remain faithful to the instructions. This was pretty hard for me, as throughout the whole process - which was done very much in a step-by-step and piece-by-piece manner - I was resisting the urge to just COVER EVERYTHING IN AGRAX EARTHSHADE! That would have made life so much simpler... But probably wouldn't have been so good for the whites.

I will say this much... I will never... EVER... start a White Scar army. Painting this guy's white power armour, with all of the different stages and layers was pretty painstaking. Not for me, thanks!

The Sanguinary Priest model is rich in detail, and whilst it's an expensive model (as all of the clampack characters are these days), it's a lot of fun to paint if you enjoy bringing out the hidden gems within the sculpt. The chains, vials and blood-drop gems provide lots of points of interest.

And of course, there is always the fact that these guys are none-too-shabby on the battlefield! I don't think I'll be painting another one of these anytime soon, but it was fun whilst I focused upon him.