Monday, 7 September 2015

Space Wolves: Grey Hunter #1

As previously mentioned, I have switched my focus now to Space Wolves, leaving behind the frippery and fancies of the Blood Angels. My primary aim is to round out my squad of Grey Hunters with a bit more character and a few extra weapons.

I quite fancied the idea of this Grunter as a dual-pistol-wielding sharpshooter, flying into battle with his twin guns blazing. And one for every occasion, too. A Plasma Pistol for those tough nuts that just need cracking, and a Bolt Pistol for when you don't fancy burning your paws.

(Don't mention it, but the arm is from a Wolf Scout! Hope nobody aims for it in the heat of battle! "Ha! Don't worry - I have a 3+ save! What's that...? Oh...")